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Premier IT Zone has been the front runner when it comes to providing sophisticated IT solutions to all your endeavours, individual or collective. Ours has been a team of highly qualified and widely experienced IT professionals, who are proficient in a range of methodologies and are profoundly innovative about their problem-solving approach. Since 2008, the company has been relentless in its efforts of providing high end as well as scalable web solutions and equipping organizations to become tech prolific and to be digitally driven to their best.

As such, a kaleidoscope of high end digital services are being rendered at Premier IT solutions, such as aligning information structure in supremely electronic way, crafting appealing web designs, exclusive web usability, pondering over web analytics, accomplished testing and so forth. Besides, for efficient handling and streamlining of all activities, separate departments have been created for a range of activities such as designing, development, testing, Quality Analysis and so forth.

Prolific logic building and programming of latest set of digital tools has been the child’s play for us and in the past 8 years, our passion has taken us to newer heights of prominence globally. We have roped in highly qualified and prolific engineers and digital programmers who have always thought outside the box, while dwelling upon the issues which surface in the path of smooth functioning of businesses in day to day lives. In other words, business issues and operational problems are like the golden opportunities for our programmers and project engineers who are always dedicated to address them for overall business proficiency. As a result, we have been catered to a wider range of industries from across the world such as prominent tailoring houses in Hong Kong, empowered E-commerce websites from UK, water drilling plants in USA and so forth.



Meet Us

Three happy guys are in our team

V.Bounty Marketing Head
The work of marketing head is always very agile and pro-active. Kehar handles this very well for our clients. Develops pinpoint marketing strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pintrerest etc. Very focused and dedicated to stretch his ability to perform.
Arif Husaain
Arif Husaain Project Manager
As a project manager, Arif always adhere and entrusted with all the aspects of a timely delivered and result-driven website project for the client. He manages the entire project from managing design, development as well as deployment of projects from beginning till end.
Kehar Singh
Kehar Singh Designing Team Lead
Kehar is exceptionally well in handling the team of designers at Premier IT Zone. Got the best of knack to produce great work efficiency for the client. The most fun loving and eager to excel guy. One of our most valuable assets and highly motivated professional.
Neeraj Arora
Neeraj Arora Mobile App team lead
Neeraj is the man of grit of believes that mobile app can change just about everything in this world. Thus spearhead the team of dynamic mobile app development. Highly proficient and adept in android app development, iphone app development, mobile app development etc.
Yogesh Lavania
Yogesh Lavania Development team lead
He plays various key and influential roles in web development and maintenance. Highly efficient in writing well designed testable, efficient code by using best software development program. Dexterously handle the team of developer and know how to produce results that pacified one and all.
Sahil Content team lead
Content is such an important aspect and integral part for any website that it can hardly be ignored. Sahil being an affluent and highly proficient in preparing content that is meaningful, SEO optimized, create true information pertinent to any product and services.