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Five Must Ask Questions to the SEO Company Before Hiring Them

Growing your company online is not an easy things to do, especially when the path to online success is full of cut throat competition. At the same time an online presence is the ultimate need of the hour. And of course, to make your presence felt online on Google top ranking, SEO is the path that you have got to tread upon.

The million dollar question is, how and where to begin from. If you are not much privy of several specific facts about how SEO works to provide good ranking to your company, or how SEO service provider can deliver good result for you, it might be an uphill task for you to bring forth some substantial success for your business.

There are several agencies out there, who are claiming to be the number one in the niche, however, choosing the right one who really can provide concrete result in your favor is not an easy task to do. For any reason, if you get into the trap of SEO company who uses unethical or black hat SEO tricks, you are not only liable to get more headache but might have to face dire consequences also.

For this reason, we have come up with five must ask questions to the SEO service provider in order to know how they are going to make your company achieved top page ranking on Google without involving in any unethical or fraudulent means.


What blueprint they have to improve your company’s search engine ranking?

You may get different answer from different SEO company, however, an authentic and reputed SEO specialist know that on page and off-page optimization, social media, blogging, video and a number other factors influence and contribute to rankings. A trusted agency will ask you to conduct an SEO audit of your website before the onset of a comprehensive SEO strategies.


How long will it take to see results?

One thing must be bear in mind that getting prominent ranking for your company is not an overnight job. Any SEO specialist knows this fact very well. If in any circumstances, someone promises you to make quick jump into the ranking, most probably, he is offering false hope and promises to you. SEO work has its own process and it takes time to deliver genuine and stable results, it cannot turn table for you overnight. So beware of false promises.


How often you get market and analytic report?

Asking this question will ensure the transparency about the work they will do for your website. If any SEO company reluctant to provide regular, in-depth and comprehensive report, certainly not worth considering at all.


Can you share with us the information about your past record and clients and their results? 

Any reputed and worthwhile SEO company will eagerly share their past record that says about their quality of work. It will also show that they are quite transparent and have quantifiable evidence to prove their efforts that lead to success.

Why should we hire you?

In order to hood with you many SEO companies may come up with false promises such as guaranteed results or quick results. However, the companies that discuss and describe their procedure and customized strategies that suit your specific needs will be the deserving candidate for you.

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