Why knowing about Google Humming bird is essential?


Lots of our SEO friends have queries about Google latest updates. It is vindictive, if we want to see a larger than life picture as far as SEO is concern. Therefore, today we will discuss about Google Hummingbird updates in context of its relation with the search engine results and affect on SEO.

What is Hummingbird update?

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm utilized by Google in order to judge context and intent of a person carrying out search. Through this algorithm Google makes its own effort to determined what people are trying to find out when the type certain keywords or phrase. It is quite brilliant approach for anyone who is managing and planning content as this algorithm facilitate them more about making such content strategies that hover around why people are looking for something rather than just what they are looking for. In this way they can capitalize to build answer to their requisition rather than just providing them facts and information.

It focus more on semantic comprehension

In a layman term, Google Hummingbird update is all about understanding the terms and relation between the words in the context of the search one is looking for. It is more like human interaction and observation. Thus making the search more capable of comprehending concepts and mutual relationships between the keywords. The primary function of this updates is to consistently deliver users the most appropriate page on the website, in instead of just top pages.

How does it affect SEO?

Every new update from Google certain has some impact on SEO. Whether the impact is less or more is beside the point, the main objective is to find out how does it affect.

If you are a true and quality content publisher, you will not be affected much. In fact it is in favor of them and do many good for them. It will help to weed out the black hats that make unscrupulous claims that they will crown your site one the page of Google search results one within the period of one week or so.

Do content writers need to worry?

Not much as far as they are providing meaningful and worthwhile content for the web. Hummingbird will serve good to all good writers. The algorithm is all about to help eliminate weed and get rid of content and spam that is not healthy for the search engine results. It means quality content writer will be honored and trusted for high quality content. Thus, producing irrelevant content to cram out the space will not work in their favor anymore.

Effective for long-tail keywords

Since Hummingbird concentrate more on phrases than just keywords, long-tail keywords will make more sense to the search engine than ever before. Long-tail keywords are considered more appropriate to throw meaning in the search engine, such as ‘how can I learn English, or how to make veg-pizza, than ‘speak English’, ‘make veg-pizza’ and so on. Long phrases elaborates more sense to the search engine and make it easy to get better result with long-tail keyword.

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